Thomas Leonard's
 How To Coach Anyone

Solutions to 68 Common Coaching Situations

by Thomas Leonard
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From Clueless to Equipped and Unstuck...

"This lesson helped me deal much more professionally with a couple of tough client situations.

Read between the lines:
I didn't have a clue how to
handle this situation until I got this *specific* situation was covered in the How to Coach Anyone lesson.

Then, I understood what I was doing - or not doing - and handled it."

- Nancy Boyd, Indigo and Cultural Creatives Coach |

The lessons erase my doubts...

"How To Coach Anyone is simply amazing. I discover in it new strategies in Thomas´ clear and wise way. In fact, when I begin to read "How to..." it is as if he had guessed what I was needing to know.

Each lesson answers one of the questions or doubts I've found in my coaching practice.

It not only clarifies especial ways of coaching different clients, but also helps you to develop observer skills."

- Andrea Turchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Clarity and sensitivity embodied in writing

"In reading How to Coach Anyone, I really appreciate Thomas' sense of flow, lack of judgemental energy towards clients and the process of coaching as he lays it out..

His clarity and sensitivity really shows here, in a way I haven't heard before or since."

- Bud Inzer, Coach |

Succinct, current and direct - from the pen of a master...

Jane Mac Allister Duke"I delight in and look forward to each lesson in the How To Coach Anyone Course.  Each one is short, succinct, beautifully clear and extremely easy to understand and often fun too.

These lessons are so direct and so about now that you can almost feel the person at the other end who has written them. You know you are tapping into a great well of living experience and knowledge. This is teaching at its best.

As a relatively new professional coach I really appreciated this resource. It often articulates and confirms what I know and do already. This is invaluable because it is coming from the pen of a master with a wealth of experience. It therefore reassures me that I know what I am doing."

- Jane MacAllister Dukes, CoFounder, The Evolutionary Network |

A great book for self-reflection

"So many useful nuggets of information. It is making me look more deeply at some of my assumptions and beliefs and helping me in my work.

What I also love about the book is where Thomas Leonard shares parts of himself, his vulnerabilities, his weaknesses, his philosophies and where he has changed his mind throughout the years. It's a great book for self-reflection as well.."

- Marlene Chism, Founder of Stop Your Drama |

A reference book

"How to Coach Anyone is a reference book that I am glad to have on my shelf--and use of course too. In fact, the first lesson I went to was "How to coach a friend without messing up the friendship." A long-time friend had just asked me to write up a professional proposal for her.

The timing was perfect and I appreciated Thomas' insights. I've always said that Thomas' stuff is amazingly simple and deceptively deep

- Anne Wondra, CHRM Life / Wellness Coach, Muse |

Dear Coach,

In an intervention like coaching, where there is as much art as science involved, sometimes it can feel like we're Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, hoping and praying the 'Force' will be with us as we navigate life with our clients.

The majority of us have natural talent and intuition which we use prominently in our coaching sessions. We don't know exactly how we improve our client's condition, but we do, or so they tell us, so we rest easy.

What If There Were 68 Very Specific, Very Common Situations Humans Find Themselves In...Would You Want To Know What They Are?

Even more so, would you like to know how, as a coach, you can help your clients transform those situations into breakthroughs? As counterintuitive as it may seem, Thomas Leonard, often called the Father of Modern Professional Coaching, was convinced that we should be able to simulate real life and learn how to respond to those situations - practice, as it were, how to get through tough stuff before it actually happened.

He wrote the How to Coach Anyone mini-mentor coaching case studies with this in mind, making sure his answers were as detailed as possible, covering 'what to say,' 'what might be happening,' 'how to overcome client objections' and more. It's astounding, really, to recognize how confident he was that we could predict and prepare for what would happen in our clients lives.

htcatjlnewgif120All 68 Scenarios Are Available In One Easy-To-Use Compilation, Updated and Indexed For Quick Reference

My name is Andrea Lee and as General Manager for Thomas Leonard during the time he developed this compilation of case studies, it was an incredible apprenticeship to watch him craft these lessons.  But what's perhaps more telling even than the lessons themselves is how there has never been another attempt to create a resource like this, before or since.

In a field full of training, information, and even practicum and demonstrations, this offering remains in a category of one. When I think of this work, I am never more grateful that Thomas left behind so much shining writing.

You Can Feel At Ease With This Inexpensive Yet Deep Well Of Experience As A Reference For Tough Client Moments

Sure, not every coaching session is going to allow you to pause, flip through a resource, and go back to that precious coaching moment.  But chances are much better that once you've absorbed these lesson before hand, you'll be able to call forth the experience you'll have borrowed.

And while the actual 'how to' part of the lessons has received too many kudos to count, there is something more available here, and that is confidence. Some things can be taught, and some things must be caught.  By immersing yourself in the thought processes, humor and mental agility Thomas reveals in the lessons, you will, like thousands of coaches before you, pick up new being and doing skills.

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Note: This Compilation Of Case Studies Is Quite Personal

Just as you bring the sum total of your life experience to your clients, so too has Thomas divulged of his life experience in the How to Coach Anyone lessons. 

Could you imagine Thomas calling himself an ignoramus? He does, in Lesson 11, page 41, 'How do you coach someone who is getting their very first glimmer of awareness?'

"If you're in the mood for a giggle... yes, it's incredibly embarrassing but...
it shows that even an ignoramus like me can begin to get a clue."

What about a direct example of how Thomas 'was just being selfish' when he created the 28 Principles of Attraction? Be sure to read carefully Lesson 14, page 53 'How do you coach someone particularly sensitive to the point of being apparently fragile?'

"To be successful I had to create a Personal Operating System that was safe for me,
one that would attract success to me vs. me trying to go become successful."

Then of course there's his use of adrenaline (Lesson 18, page 66), and more, throughout, making the lessons highly absorbing and entertaining in addition to practical.

The How To Coach Anyone Compilation Of 68 Coaching Case Studies Is Now Available In Print (First Edition) And Email, And Includes:

  • 68 Case Studies by Thomas Leonard, paperback bound in 250 pages and fully indexed and updated.

  • A PDF (electronic) version of the print book for comfortable reference on your computer.

  • Lesson by lesson email distribution for easy digestion and re-creation of the original delivery method. (Optional.)

At a price point of less than US $1 for each case study, the How to Coach Anyone volume is well worth considering for every coach's library, and why not? I've reproduced titles of all 68 of the scenarios below so you can be the judge for yourself:

The Index of 68 Situations Is Itself An Education - Consider The First 13 And See If You Agree?

Lesson #01
How do you help a client who is big time stuck with their goal and nothing you, or they, are doing seems to help?
Lesson #02
How do you coach someone who doesn't know what they want?
Lesson #03
How much direction, if any, should you give the client?
Lesson #04
What do you do when the client just isn't making progress on their goals?
Lesson #05
How do you respond to the client who isn't getting what you're saying?
Lesson #06
How do you coach a client whose goal is a pipedream?
Lesson #07
How do you coach the client who is having truly amazing results?
Lesson #08
How do you coach a friend without messing up the friendship?
Lesson #09
What do you do when you get your first real client?
Lesson #10
How do you coach an entrepreneur with a zillion balls in the air?
Lesson #11
How do you coach someone who is getting their very first glimmer of awareness?
Lesson #12
How do you coach the client who is obviously in the wrong job?
Lesson #13
How do you coach someone who is very bright, but seriously under performing?

Because I'd like there to be no doubt here, let me say that each of the lessons has specific answers to each scenario, with multiple approaches detailed out with suggested phrases to use, scripts to follow and anticipated objections addressed. A true mini-mentor coaching lesson multiplied by 68!

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Of The 68 Coaching Scenarios, Which Ones Might You Encounter With A Client Next? Will You Be Highly Comfortable And At Ease When You Do?

I know that's what Thomas would hope - it's why he wrote the lessons, after all. In fact may I make a suggestion? Whether you select the physical book or the PDF download, book time in your calendar to begin digesting these lessons. Unread and unutilized, they are untapped potential.  But once they enter your mind, they can do much good through you, with your clients.

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send those along. My email address and phone number to the office are below.



Andrea J. Lee
Founder, Thought Partners International
Global License Holder, Thomas Leonard Works
Author, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

P.S. You may have noticed the price for these 68 mini-mentor coaching lessons is very affordable - less than a single $1 per lesson.  Let's just say I feel strongly that we must keep Thomas' offerings affordable, while also as useful and accessible as possible, and...

I hope you take this affordability as part of the gift of Thomas Leonard in your life, and come to cherish your How to Coach Anyone Compilation as much as I do. I won't lie, I also hope the truly great value will make a good impression - I do so enjoy over-delivering! I'll make sure that your selection is put into motion right away.  

Of course, on a practical level, we can also see that the 68 common coaching scenarios can have a direct impact on your coaching income.  Retaining clients through their toughest challenges, for example, should add up to months/years of quality work, not to mention the referrals that may ensue. Click here to order your copy now! 

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