Thomas Leonard's
Full Practice For Coaches

100 Time-Tested Lessons From Coaching's Founding Father

by Thomas Leonard and Dave Buck
(c) 2009 ISBN: 978-0-9811789-1-2

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A 'must study' for
every coach...

"The lessons are full of wisdom and practical advice and should be a 'must' for every coach who is starting a practice as well as for seasoned coaches.

Many of the lessons are also relevant for other professions. Thank you for the great job in making all this available."

- Monika Birkner, Germany
CoachConsulting for Growth, Transition and Transformation

Top Quality. Thomas Would
Be So Proud…

"The quality is wonderful and it looks like a lot of time and care went into the packaging, organization and presentation.

Thank you so much for doing justice to the amazing work Thomas did and making it available to a wide audience. His work is so needed today.

I look forward to the day when I can say to someone who isn't a coach "Have you heard of Thomas Leonard?" and they say "Yes!"

- Judy Murdoch,

Relevant, Profound
and Touching...

"I am so happy to be receiving these lessons. Each one has been so relevant to me AND my clients. They're so profound yet simple, and somehow really touching.

Nicola BirdAs someone who had never heard of Thomas Leonard before, I'm very grateful for the effort taken in making these materials accessible, so all coaches can benefit!"

- Nicola Bird, Founder, and


Charging More, Serving Clients Better....

"What one's services are worth and how much to charge is a crucial part of a Coach's first year...and [these pages] offer answers.

In the beginning I underpriced some people because they were friends or didn't have much money, etc. The end result: they didn't value the services, were late or cancelled appointments, benefited less, and finally dropped out. All people charged full price have stayed on as clients, expect a lot and get a lot.  Thus I conclude that by charging more my clients are better served.

It would have taken me years to uncover these interesting phenomena myself."

- Dave Lambert, Personal Business Coach 

An inspiring environment...

"I have been most encouraged by Thomas' open-handed sharing of ideas and experiences, and most challenged by his creativity and steep curve for taking an idea and making it real.

My coaching practice has taken off in the past 100 days because of this wonderful environment of generosity and inspiration!"

- Marc Fey, M.A., M.Min., Life & Business Coach

Dear Coach,

My name is Andrea J. Lee and as General Manager of for Thomas Leonard from 2001 to 2003, it was very exciting to help deliver the Full Practice 100 Ecourse for coaches.  Thomas wrote them with a fierce kind of energy, near-incandescent as he poured his decades of knowledge into the lessons with the hope and intention that coaches everywhere would benefit.

Over 3000 Students Have Built Their Coaching Practices Using These Original Lessons

Even he was surprised, he said, at the fact that more than 3000 coaches took the course, and so many hundreds reported great results.  Not only in the size of their practices, but in the confidence they had in their identity as a coach, in their impact on the world, and in their ability to deliver clients outstanding value, in every coaching session.

Over time, a few of the lessons have needed updating, and I'm genuinely delighted that after weeks of work, all updates, indexing, formatting and packaging are now complete. The 100 original Thomas Leonard lessons are now available in beautiful print format for easy referencing.

All 100 Lessons Are Updated And Indexed In Two Volumes For QuickReference

It's my hope this will make Thomas' wisdom and pioneering spirit available to a whole new generation of coaches.  And for veteran coaches, that you will choose to own a copy of the collection for the inspiration it will provide you.

In fact, if there's anything this collection demonstrates in my opinion, it's that there are many ways to fill a coaching practice.  No one could ever apply ALL 100.  But that was the point. Some practice-building methods will be better suited to your particular strengths than others. The way Thomas wrote these lessons, you'll find it simple to choose the right ones, and somehow, lightly and easily, the way the lessons were written, apply them.

The Vision, Energy And Care Thomas Had For Coaching Lives On Through His Writing

Coaches who've tested the lessons in their new format and presentation agree - there is something very special that shines through the writing in this collection. There is no other voice like Thomas' after all; he was the first to talk about coaching on Donahue.  In Newsweek and Time Magazines.  He founded the first coach training company and BOTH professional coach associations.  This vantage point can be claimed by absolutely no one else, and vaunted as it may be, his energy is accessible - affordably even - through lessons like these.

I hope you'll give yourself the gift of enjoying it. Perhaps almost as much as I've enjoyed helping make the collection available!

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The Full Practice For Coaches Collection Is Now Available In Print (First Edition) And Email, And Includes:

  • Volume 1: 100 Lessons by Thomas Leonard, fully indexed, updated and paperback bound in 500+ pages.

  • Volume 2: Over 250 pages of supplementary materials - original transcripts, coaching commentary and notes.

  • 2-CD Companion Audio Kit: Five original teleclass recordings led by Thomas Leonard and Dave Buck.

As I hope you'll discover for yourself soon enough, the collection deftly and deeply covers topics and themes that start with developing a national reputation, resolving psycho blocks, avoiding client turn-offs, bonding with your network, doubling value for clients and continues all the way to...

... using assessments as marketing giveaways (including four actual assessments), exciting new formats in coaching, winning websites, program packaging, and of course, the all-important increasing of current client retention rates. 

But perhaps you'd like to take a closer look at the full Table of Contents for yourself? 

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Of All 100 Proven Lessons, Which Inexpensive And Most Enjoyable Methods (For You) Will You Select To Implement First?

As you may know, one of Thomas' central pieces of work is around the idea of attraction...instead of pushing for what you want, attracting it to you.  True to form, the 100 lessons here provide a broad range of practice-building strategy and how-to that will allow you to be yourself.  No forcing, striving, struggling or trying here.  In his inimitable, direct, often entertaining way, I hope Thomas' writings help you integrate that particular piece of learning most of all.

To order your copy now, just select from one of the two bright green buttons above, and I'll make sure that ships to you immediately. In fact, you may have guessed that I may be even more excited than you are about getting this collection into your hands!

It's been a rewarding and exciting project to help produce this collection for your use.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send those along, email address below.



Andrea J. Lee
Founder, Thought Partners International
Global License Holder, Thomas Leonard Works
Author, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

P.S. You may have noticed the price for the collection is surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared to many other offerings in the marketplace. This is in keeping with the fact that we want Thomas Leonard, Coaching's Founding Father, and his ideas to be accessible to every coach.

Please, please don't underestimate the power of this material to significantly, permanently grow your coaching business because the price point is affordable. 

To say that 'getting just one coaching client for one coaching session more than pays for the books and CDs' is to be ridiculous. So instead, I hope you take the lessons as seriously as thousands of coaches like you already have, grab hold of this great offer, and get ready to be completely thrilled/shocked/impressed at how much remarkable value you receive for this small investment. Click here to order your copy now! 


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