Time to Seek Professional Help?

Do you need professional help? Help in whatever key area of life where you find yourself struggling, frustrated or overwhelmed?

Here’s what Thomas described as the worst time of his life: “Living out of my car for 3 weeks, because I was dead broke and too proud to ask for help.”

Did you catch that last part? He was too proud to ask for help.

Fortunately he did break down and ask (as you may need to now, in an unexpected area, if you think about it) and here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“Big life transitions can be overwhelming to accomplish on your own.

There is no shame in asking for help from your friends, relatives, or from a coach. In fact, enough of the right kind of support can make a seemingly difficult transition, relatively easy.

I’ve had a lot of help in making a couple of big transitions in my life. Being a former lone-ranger, asking for and accepting help from others was difficult at first, but really nice once I got used to it. Now I wouldn’t think of starting a major project or making a big change without relying heavily on my support system of close and loving friends, and my coach.

Do whatever is necessary to make change easy on you. You’re worth it.”

Where could you use some help today? Do you need support in your business? More help around the house? Financial advice? Quit burying your head in the sand and reach out for the help you need. Identify one place that you could use some help and take steps to fill the void this week.

Finally, post in the comments what you plan to do to help yourself (accountability is key to staying on track!) or the steps you personally took to overcome this same problem. Let’s lean on each other and get the help we need.

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