So What Does “Use Technology Relentlessly” Mean?

3Example #1: Be on the lookout for new technology. Be willing to try it at low risk, and low cost. Hone your instincts for new tools that will last. Claim territory using that new technology.

Example #2: Bend technology to service your market. Don’t just be a user. Be someone who helps others become users. As the saying goes, the people who succeeded most during the gold rush were the ones who manufactured and sold gold pans and scales.

Example #3: Make technology relevant. As a business strategy, no matter what market you’re in, if you can put a human face of technology, you will stand out. Demos, examples, stories, endorsements by people who are techno-phobes, are all examples of exactly HOW to use technology relentlessly in support of your leadership position in the market.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways in which we used technology relentlessly to build a thriving multi-million dollar business in the coaching field.

Still today, there are new technologies that certain coaches are maximizing to stand out in their fields.

The 24-hour coaching website that makes use of online chat windows to provide just in time coaching for executives being laid off.

The daily accountability website that enables academics to complete their dissertations.

The coaching-by-cell phone services being offered to Generation Y and younger, by career coaches.

What exotic, or more mundane, yet unleveraged technology is applicable to your market?

First things first, ask…

Coaching Question #1: What technology does your market naturally use?

Coaching Question #2: In what way can you package your coaching services to leverage those tools?

Coaching Question #3: What tools are other million- dollar coaching businesses using in their markets, that can cross-over to yours?

These are the first three question we invite you to ask, in order to begin to apply this strategy.

Exciting, isn’t it? We have to agree, which is why it’s the first out of 12 strategies in the Thomas Leonard Success Strategies Program. It was one of the signature ways Thomas looked at the world, and once you’ve caught that mentality, it is hard to slough off.

Because there’s more to this than something to do. It’s a mindset shift and affects how you look at technology. Not just as a shiny piece of tin foil that distracts you from your main task – to make money and meaning sustainably as a coach.

No, embracing this mindset shift will allow you to integrate the right pieces of technology into your bottom-line focused business strategy. That’s even more exciting, to me.

Your market and your clients – more of them than you perhaps imagine – are waiting. And we hope you’ll seize the moment to think through this strategy for yourself.

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