Is Your B.S. Detector Working?

It’s no surprise that Thomas once said having a “sensitive B.S. detector” was one of the most important factors in having a coaching practice that stood out powerfully from the rest.


Because it’s often the self-made excuses, inconsistencies or sheer B.S. that hold our clients back from having the lifestyle or business they desire.  It takes a true professional to not only pick up on this, but to call it out in such a way that the client moves into a place of clarity….not denial or defensiveness.

Here’s a specific example of how Thomas dealt with putrid B.S. in the room:

“I am NOT one to call the client on their b.s. It’s my view that that approach is a power trip and not professional. However, I can/do detect inconsistencies in what the client is saying (and/or how they are saying it) and I do point those out, gently, simply, easily, fearlessly and in what’s called a “charge neutral” tone, meaning there’s no “charge” to my voice. It’s a clean communication. And it’s part of what the client is paying me for. Because most clients don’t even know when they are b.s.’ing and they APPRECIATE your asking for a clarification.

As a coach gains experience, they hear the subtle inconsistencies or things that just don’t ring true. And, the coach who has the Edge brings this up within sixty seconds of hearing it. Not as a confrontive challenge (unsophisticated, unseemly, amateurish) but rather as a simple, shared observation or question. Just doing this will advance the relationship you have with your client, which leads to more honest communication and faster results.”

Have you noticed similar breakthroughs with your coaching clients when you learned how to quickly and neutrally address their B.S.?  Or do you still feel awkward and uncomfortable bringing such inconsistencies to light?

Please leave your personal experience with us here on the blog…and as always, let us know how the timeless words of Thomas still continue to impact your life today.

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