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The extensive, prolific, expansive, “wow” list of Thomas Leonard work

One of the interesting, and unique characteristics of the Best of Thomas community is the truly diverse range of knowledge and familiarity that the community shares about Thomas Leonard.

As you read this you fit into one of the different Thomas Leonard groups:

  • Knew Thomas personally, took classes with Thomas, and helped create Thomas’ wide range of projects.
  • Have experienced Thomas’ material extensively through CoachVille, his writing, and listening to audios but never actually met him personally.
  • Are completely new to the world of Thomas Leonard and, most likely, trying to absorb as much as you can, as quickly as you can.
  • Somewhere in between these three polarizing positions.

This diverse understanding of Thomas and his material is important to creating the richness of the group as people share their different perspectives on the Thomas’ materials. It also presents the Best of Thomas team with a huge, thought stretching, and extremely fun challenge: how to present a range of Thomas material that is interesting and satisfies those who are continuing Thomas’ legacy while taking the time to properly introduce the new arrivals to all of Thomas’ work.

For the new arrivals, read through this site and check out some of the Best of Thomas books for a great start in catching up on all things Thomas.

For Thomas veterans hopefully the material being presented is bringing back some memories, reminding you of forgotten information bits, and providing some “aha” idea moments for moving forward.

Today’s newsletter will provide a baseline check from you on how to move forward with presenting the Thomas Leonard material at our fingertips.

How to best do this? Below is a list, definitely not complete, of all of the interesting Thomas bits: programs, writings, ideas, audios, images, etc that we have managed to pull from the cobwebbed depths of the Internet.

For Thomas community newcomers, read through this list and leave a comment or send an email to and let me know what titles below nudge a thought, or glimmer of interest in your mind?

For Thomas community pros, read through the list and let me know which of your favorites are missing, which of your favorites you would like to see again, and, even better, what Thomas material you may have saved in your own archives that you could share with the Best of Thomas team. Leave a comment or send an email to and let’s start putting our heads together to make Thomas’ legacy even more complete.

The Attraction Program
A Perfect Life Program
Personal Evolution Program
Personal Environments Program
Toleration Free Program
525 Life Models
Evolutionary Progressions
CoachVille Graduate School of Coaching
Thomas Leonard Coaching School
Certified Leader Training
Coaching Critiques
Coaching Models
15 Coaching Proficiencies
Full Practice Marketing 100
3 Steps to Success Program
3 Step R&D Program
Genius Coaching
CoachVille Certified Coach Program
List of Coaching Principles
101 Coaching Mistakes
How to Coach Anyone
Passive Revenue for Coaches
5-Day Full Practice Program
5-Day E-zine in a week program
Coaching Forms
Becoming a Perfect Person
Coaching the Entrepreneur
Becoming Reaction Free
Getting into the corporate door of coaching
Lazer coaching
Natural selling process

21 Personal Evolution Strategies

To evolve more quickly and easily…

1. Surround yourself with new ideas instead of recycling your beliefs.
Beliefs can limit your ability to experience life as it unfolds.

2. Make chaos your friend.
The unexpected is a good thing as long as you’re open to it.

3. Let your environments do most of your evolutionary work for you.
Evolution occurs as you adapt to such environments.

4. Use tolerations to your advantage.
Every single thing you are putting up with is an opportunity waiting to be leveraged.

5. Constantly experiment.
Synchronicity is the reward.

6. Spend more time in nature.
Nature nourishes and recalibrates our natural systems.

7. Become the host of a thriving network.
Let your network evolve you as you serve them.

8. Continuously integrate all aspects of your life.
Integration evolves you from being needlessly complicated to being richly complex.

9. Invest in your virtual environments, not just your physical environments.
Life is becoming more virtual.

10. Design your sources of energy.
You can then operate at a higher frequency.

11. Become superconductive.
Reduce the energy you consume by 90% by reducing your resistance to life.

12. Master the evolving set of Cyber Skills.
Extend your intelligence by connecting with everyone.

13. Surround yourself with people who are eagerly evolving.
They spark you. You spark them. Evolution occurs effortlessly.

14. Stop resisting.
Assimilate events the first time they occur.

15. Choose a goal that is bigger than you are.
Be pulled forward by it, instead of pushing yourself.

16. Get over yourself in every possible way.
Arrogance holds you back.

17. Learn how you naturally operate.
Come to honor your personal dynamic.

18. Know your gifts.
And design your life to fully express them.

19. Emotionally heal.
Healing maximizes your emotional IQ.

20. Cause something and surprise yourself.
Initiative is a muscle.

21. Make what you don’t know is more interesting than what you do know.
Enjoy learning more than teaching.

Supplies, For Relishing The Truth In Life…

The concept for truthrelishposter320Truth Relish, the poster, has been a splinter in my mind for years, and now finally here it is. (Click on the image to see it full size.)

Relish the truth, of course, is one of the 15 Proficiencies written by Thomas Leonard, and expanded upon in further detail elsewhere on this website and on the Internet.

Before calling the project done, though, what do you think? I wondered about adding sandwiches, but, ultimately thought it was cluttered.

We worked rather inordinately hard on the relish jar…

Please help make this collectible poster perfect before we send out a final PDF to all who appreciate such humor – probably mostly coaches trained in the proficiencies, but still, a worthy crowd to please if so. Printed poster versions can be made available if there’s enough interest.

Oh and yes, I have a couple other pithy poster possibilities in the old thought-trunk – who knows if they’ll see the light of day…