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21 Personal Evolution Strategies

To evolve more quickly and easily…

1. Surround yourself with new ideas instead of recycling your beliefs.
Beliefs can limit your ability to experience life as it unfolds.

2. Make chaos your friend.
The unexpected is a good thing as long as you’re open to it.

3. Let your environments do most of your evolutionary work for you.
Evolution occurs as you adapt to such environments.

4. Use tolerations to your advantage.
Every single thing you are putting up with is an opportunity waiting to be leveraged.

5. Constantly experiment.
Synchronicity is the reward.

6. Spend more time in nature.
Nature nourishes and recalibrates our natural systems.

7. Become the host of a thriving network.
Let your network evolve you as you serve them.

8. Continuously integrate all aspects of your life.
Integration evolves you from being needlessly complicated to being richly complex.

9. Invest in your virtual environments, not just your physical environments.
Life is becoming more virtual.

10. Design your sources of energy.
You can then operate at a higher frequency.

11. Become superconductive.
Reduce the energy you consume by 90% by reducing your resistance to life.

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Happy 54th Birthday, Thomas! Enjoying The Fruits Of Thomas Leonard’s Life

If it’s not too impertinent to ask, how old are you today, right now?

I’m 39, for example, and some days I feel like I’m going on 50; on others I feel so spoiled and pampered in life surely I must only be 1 or at most 3.

No matter what age we are, it’s a glorious thing if we’re happy, I think you’d agree.

So it’s with a smile I send out a 4 minute MP3 file containing Thomas’ voice, telling us in no uncertain terms how he felt about his life, his work, his foibles and his hopes, at the age of 47 when he died. <– Click here to listen

Note: Thomas gets a little emotional on the clip when talking about his life’s best work ever – it’s really quite moving.