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The Collected Audio Library Of
Thomas Leonard

Covers 3 themes:

Thomas Leonard the Person (8 CDs)
Thomas Leonard On Coaching (10 CDs)
Thomas Leonard Follows His Curiosity (2 CDs)

Each of the 20 CDs showcases a single topic within the above 3 themes,
each with Thomas Leonard teaching and facilitating.

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Brilliant! Thomas on
my iPod...

"I ordered the audios last week and I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the content. I honestly believe that the value is mind boggling.

To have Thomas on my iPod, sharing his wisdom, humour and so much more is just such a gift. Thank you so much for the time and effort it must have taken to put this brilliant audio set together."

- Joan Bell,

One of this century’s greatest synthesizers...

"I want to acknowledge Thomas as one of this century’s greatest synthesizers of information.

I see him as a visionary with an incredible capacity to make fine distinctions. His work allows us to work ever more effectively with our clients while developing ourselves as people."

- Alicia Smith, Coach

Beyond enormous

"To Thomas, I want to offer thanks beyond words for adding such enormous value to the coaching world.

Your training throughout the world is an experience of professional mastery that allows my coaching to soar. My clients and I thank you."

- Sylvia Warren, MBA,

Showcases coaching as a source of change for ANYone...

“I find Thomas's early conversations about coaching very encouraging, reflecting a great deal of positive thinking and ways to include and inspire people from various contexts to turn to coaching as a source of change.”

- Joie Gavignon


Dear Visitor, 

A welcome to you, whether you’re a coach, business owner or curious member of the public...

Who Was This Person Thomas Leonard, What Made Him The Father of Modern Professional Coaching And Why Should You Care?

More and more people have come to know the name Thomas Leonard, but many would agree that we still hear the question ‘Thomas Who?’ far too often.  To tens of thousands of coaches, students, and divergent thinkers who were exposed to him during his lifetime, this is a very sad thing.

The Concrete Benefits Of Knowing Thomas Leonard Are Many And Want To Be Much More Far-Reaching

What’s worse though is the fact that until now it’s been rather challenging to talk about who he was to newcomers.  And as his former General Manager, I, Andrea Lee, would like to go on record that this is something I couldn’t abide. Working closely with him, I couldn’t help but see the lives that changed when a single person caught just the right class with Thomas. I wanted that to become possible anew, many hundreds of times over.  And it was from that heartfelt sentiment that this collection was borne.

From the idea of designing environments, the revolutionary distinctions or personal evolution, all the way to the notion using the 28 principles of attraction (as distinct from the ‘laws’) to have a perfect life, Thomas had a profound impact on our culture, and even some of common beliefs held in society today.  

After Listening To Thomas, 1000s Have Come Away Provoked and Exhilarated, And Gone On To Leadership Roles Of Their Own  

At his best in a classroom setting over-responding to questions and real-life situations, Thomas shone as a powerful coach and elicitor of great creative thought. Simply put, people not only learned something concrete from his classes, but they got great around Thomas’ energy.

If it’s true that you become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with, spending just a little time with Thomas through his classes and teachings was like having the influence of 10 magnets on a compass. Strong, steady and energizing. As time has proven, hundreds of the coaches and business owners stepped into leadership as a direct result of participating in what Thomas was up to.

The Newly-Released Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard Brings Thomas’s Teaching To Life For a New Generation of Listeners, Giving Them A Strategic Edge

The Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard offers a unique doorway into one of the great thinkers of this century and without doubt, a leading thinker in the movement to bring coaching to the mainstream.  It brings together for the first time a wide-ranging, extended picture of Thomas the man through his teachings, his vision for coaching, and perhaps most of all, his lightness of being that may inspire your own growth. 

Altogether, there are over 20 tracks of varying lengths in the collection, between 30 and 60 minutes each and organized under 3 themes. The final selections were made based on the popularity and impact of the calls when they were first delivered, as well as for relevance today.  You’ll soon discover that Thomas’ thinking was so far ahead, even today, that many of his thoughts and hopes are still not fully realized.

Get Coached By These 20 Recordings, Which, Taken As A Whole, Can Be Used As A Blueprint For Promising Work That Still Needs Doing – Perhaps By You?

Over time, sound technology has advanced, leaving the precious few recordings we have of Thomas subject to degradation. And of course, the recordings themselves are sometimes cut off.  But I’m truly delighted that after weeks of digital re-mastering to best possible sound quality, all formatting and packaging are now complete. 

These very special raw and uncut recordings are now ready for easy listening and learning.

The Answer To ‘Thomas Who?’ Can Now Be...

‘Experience For Yourself With 8 Recordings: Thomas Leonard – The Person’

The Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard is organized into 3 themes. The first is Thomas Leonard – The Person – in which we hear Thomas teaching on 8 topics that most defined the distinct individual he was.

Through these topics, you ’ll discover what he felt about certain pivotal and controversial topics.

DISC 1: Becoming a Perfect Person

Thomas, rather unreasonably, some thought, felt it was worthwhile trying to become a perfect person. If so, how did he live with his own shortcomings? What was he actively working on? What did he despair of and was he at peace with that? This tougher topic ends up being quite light and freeing, a little like the man himself.

DISC 2: Becoming Reaction Free

Thomas credited everything he created to a very simple thing: over-responding to the world around him. But before it’s possible to give ourselves to over-responding, first we must become reaction free. Sounds challenging, right? But how does this look from Thomas’ eyes?

DISC 3: Enjoying the Tension of Modern Paradoxes

What a great pleasure Thomas took in contradictions! Sometimes referring to himself as a walking cornucopia of paradoxes, how did he live with that? How might this idea that you can enjoy the paradoxes in you change your relationship to yourself?

DISC 4: Environmental Design

Now increasingly popular as a topic among heavy hitters in the self-help movement, the revolutionary thinking behind environmental design was some of Thomas’ very best work, and why? He embodied someone who used his environment to bring out his best self. A very revealing call.

DISC 5: Defining Success for Yourself

Unless we know where the goalposts are, how can we know if we are winning the game of life? The idea of defining success in highly individual ways was a north star in Thomas’ life. He played his own game of life, and unapologetically no one else’s. Perhaps this is just the thing for you, in order to do similarly?

DISC 6: Designing Sources of Energy

Thomas believed sources of energy could be designed and managed. He admittedly had difficulties with this, sometimes dropping out of communication for long periods of time, only to return to his creative projects with a vengeance. How did he approach energy design and how can this approach assist you?

DISC 7: How Thomas Gets so Much Done and is Still a Human Being After All

Perhaps one of his most personal calls, Thomas was never shy to expose his life to scrutiny such that the rest of us could benefit.  His productivity was legion and a big part of his attraction – he made the impossible seem easy and everyone wanted in on the secret. This one of a kind recording is a precious gift indeed.

DISC 8: Getting Through the First Two Years of CoachVille

A special addition to this part of the Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard, was Thomas’ proudest achievement at the time of his death. The first two years of intense creativity on CoachVille represented the biggest investment of time, energy and intellect he would make on the planet. How did he feel about this? What were his hopes? What might he have done had he lived? What might you do, knowing this, and having gotten to know Thomas better?

Would Having A Master Coach, Creative Genius And Business Leader
Whisper In Your Ear With Humor And Intellect ...Be Of Benefit To You?

If you could interview any famous person in history, who would you choose and what would questions would you ask them? Knowing Thomas as little or as much as you do, what would you ask him? If he were your coach, how intently would you listen and how closely would you follow through?

Our Goal For These Recordings:

Pretend We Could Ask Thomas The Best Questions We Knew, Then Compile The Recordings That Packed The Most Meaning

Here are just a few of the questions you may find answers for within the audio recordings above:

  • Thomas, what are the 3 biggest lessons you wish people would take from your work?
  • For people who didn’t know you, what picture would you paint using your classes, so they could get a multi-dimensional, colorful sense of the real you, not just the facts of your birth/death/accomplishments?
  • If newcomers to you could understand just a few things about you, not just for the sake of it, but so they could also better understand themselves, which things would you choose?
  • If you could share your most advanced ideas succinctly, in one place, so people could most easily carry on your work through their work, what would they be?
  • If you could encourage people to look in the most challenging places in life and as a human race, where would you point?
  • Of the biggest problems experienced in the human condition, which ones are the simplest, in your opinion, to resolve?
  • For everyone who’s just looking for a little help getting where they want to go in life, what would you say?

    Here are two little clips to give you a taste of what
    you will find in this Audio Collection

    From 'Thomas Leonard on Becoming a Perfect Person'
    From 'Thomas Leonard on the Role of Coaching in Society'

You Have The Option To Purchase The 8 Recordings On
Thomas Leonard, The Person...

In a set with ‘Thomas Leonard, On Coaching’ a very special set of 10 recordings about coaching, Thomas Leonard-style. Or, Thomas Leonard, The Person, with 8 recordings as pictured below, is available on its own.

Click here to view options for the purchase of the 20+ recording set. 



Thomas Leonard – The Person

8 CD Set Only

Option One, Via Email And Snail Mail 

  • 8 Audio CDs shipped to your address
  • Digital Versions in MP3 format by instant email download

Retail Price: USD $59 plus s&h

Availability: shipping internationally July 13

Option Two, Via Email Only

  • MP3 tracks only of contents of 8 CDs by instant email download

Retail Price: USD $49

Availability: immediate


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Your Personal Set Of Original Thomas Leonard Recordings
Available For Listening Anytime, Anywhere, As Often As You Like...

Get All The Juice For $7 An Hour. (Even less if you listen often.)

How often have you wished to learn the inner workings – heart and mind – of a master of their craft? Have you ever longed to sit with them in conversation and enjoy their personality? Maybe even make connections between your idea of who they are and how human they are? The value of being able to tap directly into that juice is difficult to express. 

Suffice to say that during his lifetime, Thomas commanded thousands of dollars hourly for access to him, and regularly received tens of thousands of dollars to be available in the public in group settings. 

Simply put, these recordings represent the pinnacle of his work. Yet like a private collection of a master’s art made available for public viewing for a small price, the recordings work out to just about $7 per hour. Whether you knew him during his lifetime, or are eager to begin getting to know Thomas, I hope you’ll agree the price is easily right.

Read on for more info about the rest of the Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard, and how to purchase the entire collection including the above, or...

...use one of the buttons above to purchase just the 8-CD set: Thomas Leonard, The Person.

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Thomas Leonard’s Thoughts On Coaching Represent A (Yet-To-Be Fully Realized) Blueprint For The Personal Development Movement

By way of recap, the Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard is organized into 3 themes. The first is Thomas Leonard – The Person – above, in which we hear Thomas teaching on 8 topics that most defined the distinct individual he was.
The second theme in the Collected Audio Library lays out Thomas’ vision for Coaching in our world in a future-oriented 10 tracks, covering:

Would You Enjoy Shedding Light On The Future Of Coaching,
The Role of Coach In Society, Lazer Coaching And -

Maybe Even Answer That Pesky Question...What is Coaching?

The Thomas Leonard – On Coaching 10-CD set brings definition to this thing called coaching.  It clearly lays out Thomas’ thoughts, then opens for discussion, clarification and amplification by participants. Among other things, you’ll hear....

Finally, the answer to the question that regularly stumps everyone...definitively, from the Father of Modern Professional Coaching himself. Who better to hear from about what coaching IS, right?
You may be surprised not just by the answer itself, but by the energy Thomas brings to it.  Maybe it doesn’t have to be heavy?

The Thomas Leonard – On Coaching 10-CD set also allows newcomers, veteran coaches and non-coaches alike to understand Thomas’ kaleidoscope-like vantage point on coaching – its role in society and more - profoundly moving stuff.

As Founder of the 2 major coaching associations as well as 2 major coach training companies, and countless books, articles, tools, and more, where else could you get a better foundation for this thing called coaching? Why might it be important to you, specifically? How it can change what you do? How you can lead your organization? If it’s a good career choice for you?

What of this vision might you transfer to your own work, in your field of specialty, the better to stake out a playing field of your own?  All these questions and more are the subject matter of the 10-CDs. With listening, comes a nebulous yet highly valuable quality of being about to think more clearly and critically, for yourself. Genuinely priceless.

Marinating In The Calibre Of Questioning And Debate Thomas Leads, Your Thought Leadership Will Improve Too

The question isn’t of out-of-the-box thinking but ‘Box? What box?’ Thomas’ flexible mental acuity and boundless ability to synthesize and connect dots, I daresay you may find your brain loosened a bit from its moorings, in a good way that brings out the creative genius thinker in you...

As the saying goes, some things can’t be taught, but they can be caught.  By ‘bottling’ the Thomas Leonard goodness in these CD sets, my hope is we’ve found a permanent, ongoing way for anyone to access this wisdom and energy. No more hedging when the questions come up. Who was Thomas Leonard? What is Coaching? The answer can be as simple as ‘listen, learn, and decide for yourself.’

You Have The Option To Purchase The 10 Recordings Above:
Thomas Leonard, On Coaching...

In a 20-CD set, the entire Collected Audio Library.  Or, Thomas Leonard, On Coaching, with 10 recordings as pictured below, is available on its own.

Click here to view options for the purchase of the 20+ recording set. 



Thomas Leonard On Coaching

10-CD Set Only

Option One, Via Email And Snail Mail 

  • 10 Audio CDs shipped to your address
  • Digital Versions in MP3 format by instant email download

Retail Price: USD $69 plus s&h

Availability: shipping internationally July 13

Option Two, Via Email Only

  • MP3 tracks only of contents of 10 CDs by instant email download

Retail Price: USD $59

Availability: immediate


Delivery Option

Or, continue reading to purchase the above set with the entire Collected Audio Recordings.

The Definitive Original Recordings
Of Thomas Leonard On Coaching...

For An Almost Ridiculous-Sounding Less Than $7 An Hour.

In beautiful packaging that pays tribute to Thomas love of living and working from an RV, these recordings have been carefully selected to lend clarity about what coaching is, and its potential to impact lives.  While more coaches come to the profession to impact people’s lives, there is no other coaching leader alive or dead who took the meta-vantage point to coaching as a movement, like Thomas did.  As such, I encourage you wholeheartedly to ask:

  • Do I have a very logical idea of what coaching might be, and might I benefit from understanding the art and science of coaching?
  • Could coaching be easier than I think it needs to be?
  • How might my vision for coaching actually be smaller than it could be, without knowing it?
  • Am I seeing a highly competitive field with a paucity of clients, when there are actually a large number of strategic coaching moves still available to be played on the game board?

From the Father of Modern Professional Coaching directly into your ears, to be planted in your mind, and maybe even a little, take root in your heart...I hope you don’t mind my saying it feels very good to have this very special collection come together. 

Read on to purchase the Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard, including the above, or...

...use one of the buttons above to purchase just the 10-CD set: Thomas Leonard, On Coaching.

The Vision, Energy And Care Thomas Had For Coaching Lives On Through His Teachings And – If We Choose - Us

Early listeners who've absorbed themselves in the Collected Audio Library agree - there is something about the experience of listening to the recordings.  There is no other voice like Thomas' after all; he was the first to talk about coaching on Donahue.  In Newsweek and Time Magazines.  He founded the first coach training company and BOTH professional coach associations.  This vantage point can be claimed by absolutely no one else, and vaunted as it may be, his energy is accessible - affordably even - through recordings like these.

I hope you'll give yourself the gift of enjoying it. Perhaps almost as much as I've enjoyed helping make the collection available!

The Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard Is Now Available On CD (First Edition) And MP3, And Includes:

  • CD Set 1: Thomas Leonard, The Person - 8 CDs containing recordings featuring Thomas Leonard teaching and facilitating, sound quality updated and packaged in DVD-style case.  

  • CD Set 2: Thomas Leonard, On Coaching10 CDs containing recordings featuring Thomas Leonard teaching and facilitating, sound quality updated and packaged in DVD-style case.  
Bonus Set 3: Thomas Leonard Follows His Curiosity 2 CDs (15 audio shorts – approx. 10 minutes each) where Thomas Leonard interviews various experts in technology, teaching, coaching and more, a very special gift when you purchase the Collected Audio Library.

As I hope you'll discover for yourself soon enough, the collection deftly and deeply covers the topics and themes in more than a linear way. There is great value in between what is said that you, the discerning listener will discover – the dance of facilitation, Thomas’ refusal to be pinned down when the answer is un-pin-downable, his willingness to not know, all leading to great wisdom.

But perhaps you'd like to take a closer look at the full DVD Case covers for yourself? 

Click These Links To Browse The DVD Cases:

Click here to view the DVD case for Thomas Leonard, The Person.

Click here to view the DVD case for Thomas Leonard, On Coaching.

Click here to view the DVD case for Thomas Leonard Follows His Curiosity.

Ready to Purchase The Collected Audio Library? Just Make Your Selection...

Option One, Via Email And Snail Mail 

  • CD Set 1: Thomas Leonard, The Person, 8 CDs [$59 when purchased separately.]

  • CD Set 2: Thomas Leonard, On Coaching, 10 CDs [$69 when purchased separately.]

  • Bonus: Thomas Leonard Follows His Curiosity, 2 CDs

  • Digital Versions in MP3 format by instant email download

Retail Price: USD $129 plus s&h .

Availability: shipping internationally July 13, 2009

Option Two, Via Email Only

  • MP3 tracks only of contents of 20 CDs

Retail Price: USD $99

Availability: immediate

Delivery Option

Of All 20 Easy-To-Digest, Provocative, Curious Recordings, Which One Will Provide The Intuitive Insight And Strategic Edge You Seek?

Were Thomas alive today, doubtless he would be charging in the thousands for a single 1- hour individual coaching session. The dollar cost of something like these 20 hours of recordings is quite literally immeasurable.

Working with him as I did, I personally witnessed the positive charge a single interaction with Thomas could bring.  If we had set out to give forward-thinking, pro-coaching individuals like you a competitive edge, this collection would be it. 

Now, though you can’t hire Thomas as a personal coach, you can have the next best thing, that is, Thomas whispering in your ear as he cajoles you into starting something bigger, greater, more illuminated than you previously thought possible for yourself.

As you may know, one of the things Thomas said that’s become most popular since his death is this:

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely someone who already knows Thomas and seeks a way to anchor his influence in your life. Or, you’re someone compelled enough by the wisps you’ve heard and read, perhaps here, that you’re still deciding whether to purchase the Collected Audios or not.

Please Take Full Advantage Of This Collection And Run With It By Doing Something Ridiculously Great

In a world where there are too many choices of things to consume, and far too much over-the-top language, packaging and overpromises, I hope to earn your trust.  In recognition for the lasting impact Thomas had on me personally, and on so many thousands of coaches, I hope to contribute a small part to reaching newcomers like you.  To that end, underpromising and overdelivering is the name of the game.

Please don’t take the calm, relatively low-key writing on this page as a lack of passion for this work. I could actually not be more utterly thrilled that this collection is now available, and because for a short amount of time it will be sold at exceedingly accessible prices, I do hope you’ll take full advantage.

Your Trust In Us, Coaching, And Thomas’ Name Is The Most Important Thing To Us

If within 60 days of your purchase, you’ve listened to the CDs and find you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your invest.  Just to make things easier and clearer for you.

To order your copy of the Collected Audio Library of Thomas Leonard now, just select from one of the two bright green buttons above, and I'll make sure your order is queued for delivery to you immediately. I will be hugely looking forward to getting this collection into your hands!

It's been a tremendously exciting project to help produce this collection for your use.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send those along, email address below.



Andrea J. Lee
Founder, Thought Partners International
Global License Holder, Thomas Leonard Works
Author, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

P.S. You may have noticed the price for the collection is surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared to many other offerings in the marketplace. This is in keeping with the fact that we believe Thomas’ material can benefit everyone, and want Coaching's Founding Father, and his ideas, to be accessible to everyone.

Please don't underestimate the power of this material to significantly, permanently grow your ability to think creatively, create prolifically, and anchor Thomas Leonard’s influence in your life.  

To say that 'getting just one coaching client for one coaching session more than pays for the CDs' is, I think, to sound rather silly. So instead, I hope you take the recordings as seriously as thousands of coaches like you already have, grab hold of this great offer, and get ready to be completely thrilled/shocked/impressed at how much remarkable value you receive for this small investment. Click here to order your copy now!

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